About our Indoor Air Quality, Mold, and Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Consulting Company

Clean Air Sciences, Inc. is located in Bartlett, Illinois and our primary service area is Chicago, surrounding suburbs, and the tri-state.  Our primary focus of services offered is in mold inspections, mold testing, water damage assessments, infrared (IR) thermal imaging moisture studies, mold remediation planning and consulting, indoor air quality (IAQ) studies, industrial hygiene (IH) studies, and OSHA employee complaint compliance.  We specialize in discovering the unknown cause of health problems, allergies, and other symptoms related to poor indoor air quality or chemical exposure.  We provide"answers to your indoor air quality and environmental problems" in layman's terms to the very technical so that everyone from residential homeowners, commercial and industry professionals, and legal counsel can understand.  We solve sensitive and complex environmental problems by offering clients practical, real-world solutions in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

We provide objective, legally defensible data allowing important decisions to be made based on reliable, state-of-the-art information using the latest in forensic investigative technology and sampling methods. We are Chicago-land's premier microbial consulting firm leading the way utilizing DNA-based analysis for mold, avian pathogens, Legionella, and bacteria.   Secondary services conducted for clients include environmental site assessments and other environmental field investigations.  We are proud to announce our staff Environmental Scientist is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) as of March 2007, and remains the only Certified Environmental Thermography Consultant (CETC) in the Chicago area and Illinois since acquired April 2011.

Our clients include commercial, industrial, residential, churches, government facilities, hospitals, and schools primarily located in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  Our service range includes national and international availability.  Commercial/professional clients include; architectural firms, condominium associations, construction contractors, engineering firms, food production facilities, insurance companies, laboratories, law firms, mold & water damage remediation contractors, nursing homes, plastic surgery and medical facilities, property management companies, restaurants, and realtors.  Industrial clients include metal fabrication, plastics, and machining companies, and various manufacturers.  Government work included a U.S. Naval Base.  School clients included pre-schools, grade schools, high schools, after school learning centers, libraries, and community colleges.  See some of our Recent Projects.

Because no two projects are typically alike, we design each project to meet the specific needs and budget of our client.  The cookie-cutter project cost approach just doesn't work for everyone because sample costs vary upon what we are testing for and site time varies upon the complexity and extent of issues.  Sampling investigations may be performed with each sample at the discretion of the client and our field scientist will recommend sampling strategies that will provide enough investigative data to make informed decisions to solve your project-specific problems and be legally defensible, if necessary.  See our Cost page.  We prepare mold remediation plans with mold remediation protocols and a mold remediation scope of work so that your specific project needs are addressed by the mold remdiation contractor you hire.

With so much at stake, whether it be your home, place of business, your family's or employee's health let a Clean Air Sciences, Inc. professional with the experience, credentials, and certifications handle your project with care and expertise.  Your home is an investment with a value based upon how it has been maintained, even after the unthinkable loss has occurred.  Your family's health is irreplaceable and if an employee's health is compromised your company could be facing a lawsuit.  These are assets that you can't afford to risk with just any company or the cheapest guy in the phone book.  When it comes to occupancy, health, safety, and structure and building envelope issues, you want the best.  You want Clean Air Sciences, Inc.

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Clean Air Sciences, Inc. is fully insured and carries general, professional, and microbial consulting liability insurance.  Compare the competition, few carry any insurance and even fewer have more than general liability.

Please browse the site and use it as a resource to determine when you need to have our Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant field scientist perform an investigation in your home or workplace.

Find out why it is so important for mold and indoor air quality issues that you should ONLY hire a field scientist/investigator who is certified through the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).  Click on this link to view a brief video about ACAC certifications.

Please beware of "mold inspectors" and former home inspectors who claim to be qualified and "certified" to perform residential and commercial mold investigations.  Find out who they are "certified" through, if it is valid and current, and whether the program is third party accredited like ACAC certifications are.  Many of our clients hired an unqualified "mold inspector" who was unable to solve their problems before they came to us - make sure that doesn't happen to you too so you don't waste your money and time.